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Changed mine yesterday... then the trouble started

I became the most recent steward of a RWC '76 P30 two years ago and just changed the impeller in my Oberdorfer WP yesterday for the first time. I had noticed a water leak back there at the end of last summer although the engine still ran cold (she has no thermostat installed).

Ken talked this neophyte through what I needed to do and it actually went very well, although I did do battle with a few wasps while laying upside down in the sail locker. Impeller shaft cleaned right up and there were no leaks once reinstalled with the new impeller and the newly filled grease cup ... which I didn't know even existed

The old impeller came out in 1 piece and in good shape.

But for the first time ever, my engine now runs HOT. To be honest, I did not read the temp gauge but the needle did peg itself far right. She still spits water out the exhaust but not nearly as much as before.

Any ideas what I may have mucked up? Or did my dickering around with it combine with the extra grease I used combine with years of sludge to partially clog the system?

The acid flush sounds straightforward and is my next step. Will I do any harm just using the T fitting and existing WP to circulate the solution - as opposed to a drill pump attached to the WP outlet as some suggest? Can I ever hook the marina hose directly to my inlet T fitting or will that send water into places it is not supposed to go? The pressure flush seems a bit involved but must be worth it. Will order the kit from MMI and give it a try, though.

As ever, thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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