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Originally Posted by Dave Neptune View Post
Lat, ah the venerable Iron Duke. The 4 banger was a great fishing/recreation applications. They would go for many hours with minimal maintenance.

Joe, I had a few friends with 16 foot skiboats using the 4 banger and it just worked them to a quick death. Pulling a skier was a big load for the Duke. The same boats with an IO and the 6 cylinder ran forever.

When working in boat shops we always tried to get the buyers to go for the 6 or a big OB,, they worked better and lasted far longer.

Dave Neptune
Hey Dave will the Mercrusier 6 cylinder fit the mounts and the out drive? Or will I need to replace out drive as well?
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My guess is the bell housing will be the same but the mount points might not be.
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I feel like a Dumb A_ _ !!!!

So after everything we have discussed in this thread I have to say I feel really stupid....As it turns out I have the 3.7 470 not the 3.0 140??? Why I thought it was a 3.0????I don't have an answer for that one. So all the issues remain the same but it is a 3.7 not the 3.0, all I can say is wow on my part. But with that said I have done a few things here and there as I get time but here is where I'm at now. I think we have determined the water leak is at the weep hole in the water pump/timing chain housing due to the failed lip seal, but while trying to determine this I lost fire, replaced the points and condenser but not the ignition coil. I did a OHM test on the coil and I think it is bad (again) this will be the 3rd one without even running it for long periods of time. Not sure what causes them to burn up so fast. I'm thinking that the lost compression on #1 may be due to a valve stuck open but I have not got to that just yet. I So once I get the coil replaced and get the water leak fixed I will move on the the compression issue, fingers crossed it is a valve stuck. I have no evidence of water in the cylinder or the oil so not sure where else to look. I will update again once I get repairs done.
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