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Rick, the A-4 should start and run on 3 with little effort. If you are confident with the fuel, choke & carb do check for a good blue snappy spark!

You mentioned wet plugs, were they wet with fuel or water?

A good trick for starting a wet with water or flooded engine. Pull the plugs and get a piece of small hose that will fit on the ceramic portion of the plug tight enough that you can screw them in by HAND. Now fire up the stove or oven and heat the plugs to above boiling (spritz some water to be sure it sizzles) then carefully screw them in with the hose piece (so you don't burn yer pinkies) by hand attach the wires and start immediately. NO NEED TO WRENCH TIGHTEN FOR THIS! The heat will keep the plug dry so the spark will jump the gap and not ground through the moisture creating NO SPARK. Done this hundreds of times over the years with wet cylinders.

You can do this with just the 3 that have compression and leave the zero plug in it's place. Can deal with getting the valve unstuck afterwards. It may just shake loose when/if the engine starts.

Just oil up the offending cylinder, I find a lubrication spray to work better on getting the oil to the valve stem than pooring or an oil can and you won't have as much oil to burn out or goober things up.

Dave Neptune
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