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From FAQ:

"since we've been dressing all the orifices of the oil pressure regulating valve in the block and using early style regulating valves during our rebuilding operation, we have essentially eliminated the hassle we used to face in getting oil pressure to settle down during test runs."

Do I have the ball or the old style regulating valve? My problem continues (see post in troubleshooting) and my homework brought me to the FAQ site. Also saw this...

"Other symptoms of regulating valve problems include oil pressure decreasing as RPM increases (another manifestation of the ball moving off center) and low oil pressure which doesn't respond normally as the adjusting bolt is turned in. This problem is sometimes caused by a regulating spring that has worn thin by rubbing along the inside of the threaded hole into which the adjusting bolt is installed."

I am wondering what to do. Please help as I am a bit lost.

Clint Chase

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