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valve spring keepers stuck inside spring cup washers

Looking for advice before I make a new tool: I've easily removed 5 of the 8 valves - lifting the cup-washer and spring exposed the two-part keepers. Small pen magnet easily snagged the keepers. Each set of valve/spring/cup-washer/keeper goes into it's own labeled bag for later exam and reuse. Will be replacing the springs later this week - and possibly the guides if they are too worn - will check with the gauges but so far seem OK.

The other three valves I cannot get the cup washer to separate and rise off the keepers. No sign of rust (everything in this engine is greasy/oily sludged up and the other 5 are oily and look fine. The stuck keepers are on exhaust valves #1E, #2E, and #4E. I've tried penetrating oils, grabbing the valve with vice grips and rotating against the cups, etc. No Joy.

I'm about to cut up a half-inch socket to fit over the lifter adjustment bolt with a right sized hole on the drive end to force the cup-washer up and clear the keepers - sized to just fit between the lifted valve and tappet. Then tap down on the lifted valve with a wooden mallet. Hope to force the cup-washer off by driving down the valve stem and keepers into the drilled out socket.

Any tricks I can try before I go to this level of effort?

thanks in advance.
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Nope, sounds like a reasonable next step. I've done similar, but a think I used a pair of wooden wedges between the lower seat and the tappet.
Make sure the oil drain passages are closed off with pieces of a rag. You don't want the keepers to escape to the oil pan.
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If I recall correctly, rotating the cam shaft helps to free up some tension. Iím sure youíve tried it, but just in case you havenít...hope it helps.
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been there done that... see post 67,70 and 72. Of course I was doing that with the head removed...
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have a compressor? Can try air squirter/gun.
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Good ideas on the thread in which Don used a large scewdriver to lever up the cup-washer and tap down the valve to free the keepers. I'm repeatedly amazed at how much physical "abuse" is OK to use on this engine. Will try that before I create a special tool and report back.
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I have used "end cutting" style wire cutters with a bit of success. I just exposed the keepers and placed the cutting edges in the gap where the keepers are split. Just give a careful squeeze and they will usually pop loose. If just one pops the other will be well exposed for a wiggle or a tap.

Dave Neptune
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Used a wide flat pry bar on edge to lever the cup-washer up and tapped on the raised valve - popped the cup up off the keepers. Just removed those three valve assemblies as the UPS truck arrived with the new springs and gauges from Moyer. - better news is that the guides are in spec and do not need to be replaced. Happy moment!

The new springs are about 3/4 inch longer than the old ones and E4 spring was broken. Once I clean out the valves and seats this should improve compression.

Now to read up how to complete the tear-down.

thanks all,
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keeper, keepers, stuck keeper, valve washer, valves

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