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Old 09-11-2023, 01:25 PM
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FDNY FF Joseph "Toolie" O'Toole

Firefighter Joseph “Toolie” O'Toole, age 61, of the FDNY, died on Dec. 12, 2016, from an illness related to his response to the World Trade Center on 9/11. The forum remembers his birthday, but on this day above all others, he is in my thoughts and prayers.

Toolie was the 158th registrant on the forum, a group that now totals more than 8,500. I met him at one of the early MMI workshops, perhaps around 2003 or so. It was held at St. Paul's Parish Church, just outside Rock Hall. I wonder if there are any of you still around who may have been there.

When Toolie learned I was a volunteer firefighter from my youth, he gave me a tee-shirt from his beloved 41 Truck Company in the Bronx. I still have it.

Rest easy, brother.

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Perspective and remembrance

The 911 attack should be remembered and mourned just as Dec 7th! There were actually almost 600 more deaths at 911 and far more of the population was traumatized by witnessing the tragedy. The first responders stepped up just as much as the military and in my opinion should be remembered with the same regard and honors!

RIP Toolie _/) _/) _/)

Dave Neptune
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More on Toolie

Click here.

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Old 09-12-2023, 11:03 PM
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The day that happened I got a "Flash Message". I can't say what I did for a living but I couldnt' then either. ...I was a medic though and upheld that tradition.

I was "OFF" driving past the post office, ...I remember where I was. Canada was on alert. Later we a lady and her child into our house. We asked for a family with a baby...we had 6 month old twins...and they could go in the same crib. We are still friends wth the lady and the now 22 year old young more needs saying, but this was Halifax NS, not Gander Newfoundland.

That said, I am from Newfoundland, and the closest I felt to 9/11 was the Arrow Air Crash in Gander Newfoundland. We responded to it and it was my "first sureal experience". I've gone through many more since, but that was my first where I was sort of out of my rhealm and a bystander watching a bad scene..but I was part of just wans't real". After a lifetime being a medic I'd actually become accustomed to it until all the "Normal people" today think I'm and old asshole.

There are indeed reasons people become's a place where they can regain control in a atmophere where the only one they have to save is theirself.

1976 C&C 30 MKI

The pessimist complains about the wind.
The optimist expects it to change.
The realist adjusts the sails.
...Sir William Arthur Ward.

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