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Old 03-13-2011, 04:32 PM
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gas vs diesel

hard to put the smoke back in even in modern day electonics. Sounds like a good field for a bright young person to persure and make a fortune
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Old 04-28-2011, 01:46 AM
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gas vs diesel

my first diesel engine was a three cylinder Universal 24 hp diesel. The first problem I had with it was the bracket to the altinator. The screw on the engine block losened and the altinator would not charge my engine. I was sailing to BLock Island and happened to stop at Old Lyme Marina. They told me there was a kit for the engine to put the altinator on the manifold. Of course I got the kit. The engine them developed a heating problem (sound familiar). they said it could only be the impeller, the thermostat or the engine water pump. I changed all, nothing worked. I sold the boat.
Then I had a Perkins diesel 4-108, between thirty and fifty horsepower. My first problem was with the fuel. I had to bleed it constantly. I got to be a pro at bleeding it. I put all kinds of chemicals in the fuel tank. I changed the filter to a better racor. Then I learned to bring a 5 gallon jug with me and hose to put diesel in it because the tank was dirty and when I hit waves it needed new fuel. I sold the boat.
Then I got a Volvo. It was a small Volvo diesel, I dont even rwemember the model. For the first year it ran fine. Then the next year I had to bleed it but it would not start. It seems that Volvos need to be bled at the fuel pump. I Found this out after months of trying. I went to an expensive Volvo mechanic. I sold the boat.
Then I bought a boat that had a bad engine. I had a mechanic who had a great Yanmar. It cost me a bundle but I was getting a great engine and they would install. The mechanic ran the engine in his shop. It was a 4 cylinder 60 Hp job. But he failed to put a valve above the water line and as I waved good bye to the mechanic, the motor filled with water from the exhaust. another motor shot.... Tell me about reliability of diesels.
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Old 07-29-2011, 11:49 PM
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Thumbs up 7 years later after my "Diesel Vs Gas" post - All's well

I was trolling around the web and ran across my original 2004 "Diesel Vs Gas" post and still retain my original opinion. I own the same 1972 Ericson 35 with the same A-4 and I can happily report it's still running along just fine. I have done nothing to it in these intervening 7 years other than regular tune-ups (plugs, points, distributed cap, rotor etc.). The tune-ups, combined with regular oil/filter changes (depending on hours or elapsed time) and a Racor fuel filter change now and then results in the A-4 running like a Singer sewing machine. I've added an Indigo oil filter & crankcase breather kit as well as Moyer Marine's quick access raw water pump and that's it! There's no oil, fuel or raw water leaks nor anything else unusual to report upon in the past 7 years. I wonder how many diesel powered boat owners can report the same statistics? In these days of ever increasing complexity/computerized machinery, it's sheer pleasure to pop the engine hatch cover and see an engine that's utter simplicity in action and work on. What else can I say other than I'm not helping much to add to Moyer Marine's profits - my apologies Don!
Oh, I havn't blown up the boat either
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