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Old 04-21-2012, 08:44 AM
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Harken Magic Box

Hello All,

though not an A4 question this time, I know that this site has tons of experience in sailing so if you wouldnt mind helping a troubled mind. I have a Harken Magic box attached to the clew end of the boom . I managed to snag the shackle from the boom end portion( and tied a string to prevent from losing it). At the forward end of the box I snagged a approx. 3/16 line that i can see runs through small blocks inside. Ive read its a 6:1 ration outhaul adjsuter, but dont understand how it is attached to the clew. I have a pic. you can see a small double block at the boom end, a block on a track below the box, and a cleat ahead. Anyone, anyone.....Bueller....Bueller. Help?

hope the file attached correctly.
thanks, Jake
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Old 04-22-2012, 11:48 PM
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Jake, we use these on dinghies a lot for headstay tension and minute rig adjustments.

The silver thing you can see sticking out the back of the box should be your connection to the outhaul line that goes to the sail clew. Since your "black band" is forward of these, you might use one of those two blocks that are stacked on the boom as a turning block to get back to the clew..this might be wire or some hefty line or a piece of high tech single 12-strand dyneema. So..if I can see the washed out pic OK, that 3-strand (replace it!) would connect to the back end of the box..where does that line go now?

Then at the other (forward) end of the box, you should be able to attach your 'control line'. The silver thingie will then slide in the box as you adjust the control line, which runs to a cleat somewhere....and usually there is some type of return spring I think when you let off the control line. Since this is the one you handle, so make it large enough to be comfortable (3/8"+).

Whatever you do, don't discard the box if you ever re-rig...they are $$ & you can sell it or find another cool application for it.
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