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Intermittent shutdowns - ignition circuit

Seem to be a lot of threads on intermittent shutdowns lately. I'm no expert but I know how frustrating it can be to find a gremlin in the ignition circuit, if that seems to be the problem area.

Don's post is a good place to start: .

It helped me on a previous boat to make a list of all the potential culprits. Does this list look right to everyone? It is organized only to follow the schematic from an arbitrary point in our boat, not by order of likelihood or anything:
  • Engine start battery: good condition, accepts charge well, power and ground connections shiny and good, cables appropriate size and good?
  • Starter solenoid: solenoids can go bad. Also check the electrical connections and condition of the wires.
  • Wire from starter solenoid to ignition switch: good condition, especially if there is a harness along that track?
  • Ignition switch: no internal intermittent short or cold connection?
  • Wire from ignition switch to starter solenoid: good condition, connections solid?
  • Wire from ignition switch to coil: good condition, connections solid?
  • Coil: no internal failure developing?
  • Wires between coil and distributor: not pinched, good connections?
  • Distributor: points/condenser or electronic ignition module OK? Rotor and cap OK? Flyweights lubricated and good condition?
  • Wires from distributor to coil and spark plugs: OK? Connections good?
  • Spark plugs: good condition, connected properly?
  • Alternator: working properly, good connections?
1974 C&C 27
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