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Old 08-09-2007, 02:51 PM
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Will fire only with starter engaged


I recently did a good deal of work on my AT4.

It had not been fired up in over one year.

Chasing both lack of spark and lack of fuel, I did the following:

New points, plugs, condenser and coil(replaced external resistor coil with internal).

Then had spark but not fuel.

Installed new electric fuel pump kit.

Now fuel to the carb but not cylinders.

Rebuilt carb and the engine immediately started.

However cooling water was running out of the exhaust water injecter elbow.

Installed entire new exhaust.

Engine was now running fine and I ran it for a couple of hours.

Went back to the boat the next week and would not start.

Removed and cleaned float valve and main jet.

Engine ran fine for about one hour.

Went back to the boat the next week and the engine fired immediately and ran about two to four seconds and shut down. After that, if I waited for five or ten seconds and tried again, it would fire immediately and run only while the starter was engaged.

I have a 1967 Pearson Coaster. It has what I think is about a 1969 engine as it is the model you describe as the change over model from the early to the late with the oil fill in the reversing gear cover. I have a key ignition in the cabin which is just a simple off/on. The starter button is located in the cockpit.

While troubleshooting the starter stopped spinning.

Removed starter and had checked by an electric shop and it was pronounced fine.

Cleaned all of the starter and solenoid connections to include all connections going to the + side of the coil. Reinstalled starter and the starter spun and engine fired and ran two to four seconds and then shut down. The symptoms remain the same as before. It will fire with the starter button depressed but stop as soon as you release the button.

Could there be a problem with the wiring from the ign key to the + side of the coil? If so how does it fire when the starter button is depressed? Is there likely to be another wire from the starter button to the + side of the coil to provide sufficient "juice" with the starter engaged but not enough when the starter goes offline?

I am contemplating running a direct new wire from the off/on IGN switch to the + terminal on the coil to see if there are any wiring or connector problems in the old IGN to coil + circuit.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

By the way, this is my first post but I have been a fan/customer for as long as I have had an AT4(about ten years).

Thanks for you time.

Dan Walker
S/V Rachel Ann
1967 Pearson Coaster
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Old 08-10-2007, 05:02 PM
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Hi again

I was completely off base in troubleshooting the above problem.

The ignition circuit was fine.

I disassembled the carb and cleaned it.

This took care of the problem.

I do not know but I know suspect that the idle jet was clogged but why did it file with the starter engaged?

Any thoughts?

Dan Walker
S/V Rachel Ann
1967 Pearson Coaster
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