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Originally Posted by jmupstate View Post
Hi all,

We are new to the forum and looking for input and advice. We own a 1974 Irwin 30 with an A-4. The engine was rebuilt after we purchased the boat and upgraded to an electronic ignition. (10 years prior) We sail on Lake Erie and the boat has been fresh water its entire life. We are considering upgrading the engine and boat and taking it to the Bahamas. Erie Canal, Intercoastal, West Palm and then across is the initial thought. We are looking for input and advice as to our thinking.

We have seen many comments out there about gas versus diesel and about taking a 30 on such a journey. We do not intend to do any "long" passages and were thinking that the range of the A-4 would work. the engine has been incredibly reliable since the electronic ignition upgrade and it is fun to work on. Access is probably our biggest issue.

If anyone has thoughts or input we would appreciate any expertise, experience and advice. Are we thinking crazy here? What upgrades would you consider for such a trip? Thoughts on managing the engine and maintenance schedule for such a trip? Spares to have on hand?

While we have good experience sailing and racing on the Great Lakes for many years we humbly realize that many have already forgotten more that we have learned. Any input greatly appreciated!

Happy New Year! jmupstate on Takara
My A4 powered boat has been to Bermuda 3 times, that is a 1500 mile round trip, if that helps you
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