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Rear Seal Replacement Questions

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I discovered during my last outing that I have the very issue with my rear seal that Don describes in his very helpful video, Rear Oil Seal Replacement. When I returned to my slip I looked in the engine compartment and saw that it was decorated with a ring of motor oil in a perfect 360 degree patern. So I am now faced with replacing the seal and perhaps even the coupling.

I have two important questions regarding this work. First, do I need to drain the oil, or is it at a level that it will spill out when the flange is removed? Second, in order the remove the flange that holds the seal I will need to move the prop shaft aft to create a space to pull it out of the engine compartment. Can this be done in the water or will a haul-out be required?

Any help regarding this unfortunate situation will be appreciated.
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