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If you have the pieces it can be welded. We had a guy at the club break a spreader bracket on a Tanzer 31. They dropped he mast and it broke just out from where it joins he mast. His insurance wiggled and waggled over it and the plan was to send it on a 1500 mile flatbed run to have it "repaired".

I looked at it and told him I knew a guy who could weld it no problem. He didn't want that, so he went to insurance. Their plan was to send it to Ontario and have some shop weld it "Professionally". I smiled when I heard that. The mast sat for 4 months and finally he'd had enough of the delays (covid etc). Gave him the number of the guy I know and he came to the club and welded it. These particular ones couldn't be removed from the mast.

The job was a fraction of the cost of sending it out. He also had the option to have some made up by the same guy but a simple weld was done and he sailed it all last year without issues.

Not a job for a trainee...need to find an awesome welder in your area. Doesn't take long for the right guy to do.

Edit: If you can drill rivets and remove them and bring them into shop that does a lot of aluminum work I think you'd be surprised.

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