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Originally Posted by Lubrdink View Post
Latest update: pulled the pickup and all clean, clear and no pinholes.
The pump sediment bowl is full but pulling the bowl bolt off the carb shows zero fuel. Also the pump bail moves just a bit, very stiff, and no fuel.
Going to pull the pump and inspect but I’m pretty sure it’s the culprit.
A mechanic buddy is going to help and has a 3psi electric we can use to bypass and verify it’s the pump.
Oh I also verified the vent hose is clear.
Thanks for the good advice. More to come and hopefully a good result soon.
PS Mo -yes it has always been slow to start. Usually have to use some starting fluid even after warmed up. Rebuild of the starter helped spin it better but I suspect your suspicions are correct.
Yeah, sounds like pump failure. I replaced the mechanical pumps on a few with an electric pump. Some were 4 to 7 psi, all that was available on short notice and they did fine as well. Change the oil when you sort it out as well...there will be gas in the oil if the pump went and kill it's viscosity. I've used diesel 15w40 for years...great for that engine. Since a gear head is going to have a look you should ask him if he has a compression gauge and check compression as well...just for fun, takes 15 minutes.

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