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Thanks for the replies that I unfortunately knew were coming. I brought both propellers home and side by side they are nearly identical in size (12 in).
I donít know. I would have had to purchase a bushing anyhow (the brass one is for a 1Ē shaft, the boat has a 7/8Ē shaft). Hereís a pic of the props and a close up of the crack on the composite prop foR curiosity purposes.

Iím going to window shop on eBay to see what I find. Maybe a 3 blade prop? Who knows!

Iím in the process of sanding the whole boat down to repaint. Iíve repaired a significant amount of core and bulkhead rot, and filed a few thru holes. I also had to buy a main sail. I was just hoping to avoid having to buy a prop as well. Hopefully the engine is fine! Iím sure Iíll soon become a regular around these parts. Thanks again for the detailed info!
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