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Hey, welcome. As Neil said, too much prop. The composite is probably a CDI prop. The idea there was as you spun the prop and loaded it up, the blades would flatten and reduce pitch..the downside is they are fragile (IMO).

See if you can find something in the range Neil recommended..the boat is already on the hard, now is the time to replace the prop, and I would not put the 13 x 11 on there if I could find something new-to-me. Check eBay or one of the MANY sailboat salvage shops. Locally, I'd call Josh Davidson at Anchors & Oars in Stevensville, MD. He can probably ship too.

I run a 3-blade Indigo 10" x 7.4 pitch prop designed for the A-4. From a motoring perspective, I have been happy with it. I wish I had an adjustable pitch feathering prop that I could fine tune for motoring, and also help me out for light air sailing in the Chesapeake.
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