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one question for you guys: I usually run my engine "lightly". I was "trained" by my father, who was defining acceptable rpm for multiple hours cruising as pretty low, and I may be running now my engine unnecessarily low...

When I run my engine "my way" for a couple hours hours on a day without wind, pushing the C27 at 4.5 knots, I barely get 130F. I was assuming that I had an issue with my thermostat, or that I had installed it wrongly (dissassembled, re-assembled, no change)

Yesterday, I ran the engine "a little harder" for one hour, facing winds of 20-25 knots, seas a little chopped but nothing crazy bad, still going 4 to 5 knots; and temperature came to stabilize at 150-160F.

Does that mean that the thermostat is actually working fine, but only when I runs the engine harder? Or should I have 160F even at low rpm after a certain period?

Thank you
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