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Sunnnseeker, you say you "cleaned" the filters twice on your trip. First did it help? Cleaning a fuel filter by "backwashing" is a poor temporary patch at best. Before going to the carb "replace" the filters. You should have a primary fuel/water separator at the tank end then the pump and then a polishing filter is a good idea too. This would be a good time to install a fuel pressure gage after the polishing filter so you "KNOW" if the carb is being supplied properly for good performance.
Another point is the Facet pumps are known to have the check valve ball stick a bit, a pressure gage will show this too as it is very difficult to diagnose without a gage.
I ran my carb for well over 20 years without touching it! I used E-10 and ran the engine many hours a year.

Dave Neptune
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