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Replacing External Resistance Coil with Internal Resistance Coil

I am new to Atomic 4 engines, and attempting to replace the old (rusting) coil with a new one from Moyer. Though the old coil is printed with “use with external resistor” (and has a resistance across the (+) and (-) terminals of 1.3 Ohms) I’m unable to find an external resistor. I have some idea of what the resistor should look like, though if it’s an original part made of Bakelite or something, I might not recognize it.

I assume I need to remove the external resistor from the circuit before installing the coil with internal resistance from Moyer (3.5 Ohm resistance).

After replacing the coil, I also want to upgrade to electronic ignition (I already have the Petronix Ignitor kit).

Tips and advice will be much appreciated in tracking down the resistor.

I have four wires coming off the positive terminal of the old coil. One to the alternator, one to the starter, one to the electric fuel pump, and the fourth elsewhere in the boat (the ignition switch?). The negative terminal connects to the points.

Can I just install the new coil (and electronic ignition) as if there is no external resistor?

Thank you.
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