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I have an AIS transponder. I see these guys and so do the ships. If you don't have AIS this is indeed an option. Marine Traffic didn't put this out because it wasn't of use to them and major commercial shipping. I'm sure the day will come when the VHF has a built in transponder at the cost of what we call a normal radio today.

Halifax harbour is 18 nautical miles from one end to the other with full cell coverage from every provider. The approaches have cell coverage as well. I was thinking that a lot of people put a class B transponder on their boat when they didn't. Everyone can see them out there though.

As for the time lag, there is a setting thing on the app. The shortest time is 1 minute. One also has to activate the app when on the water as well. Of course, where there is major shipping and numerous small craft around it is an option. Major Shipping is paying for this, no doubt in my mind because the more traffic info they have the better they can protect their own interests.

Joe, Agree with you 100 percent on the limitations of it once out of cell range and of course the proper use by the boat operator. But again, I think it's better than nothing...I see these guys all the time.

A month back, when I headed up the Eastern Shore to the Bra Dor Lakes my oldest son registered with Marine Traffic to track Odyssey and her Class B SOTDMA. I think he paid 10 bucks or something and signed the boat in as his fleet. He had access to Odyssey, course, speed, etc although he'd call me on the cell later in the day to ask where we would make it to that night. Then he'd check if the boat was there.

There were lots of areas both in the Bra Dor Lakes and along the Eastern Shore of NS where there was no cell coverage and the cell app wouldn't have worked there at all.

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