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Relocate the Water Pump

For over 20 years the location of the water pump on my boat has been a torture. There are only 2 bolts and 2 hoses that must be removed to get this water pump out. Years ago I installed the long bolt Moyer offered for the bottom bolt. I even put in a much larger hatch (17 x 24) to have better access. Both improvements helped, but it is still a bear of a job.

So this year I bought the impeller puller with high hopes. So far the four screws holding the cover are not cooperating after 2 days of PB Blaster. In my case the gear shift is in the way as well as the intake seacock and some plumbing. But the screws are not moving.

I'd be willing to pay a lot if the pump could be relocated near the front of the engine. The flywheel shaft or the alternator belt are a couple possible sources of power. Or even an electric pump would be a godsend.

Replacing the impeller is by far the worst job on my boat. It can take a couple hours. And I don't want to think about the impeller ever letting go while motoring with no wind. You'd have to remove the pump no matter the conditions.

Sorry for the rant. My boat may have this worse than others. The Atomic 4 and Moyer's service are great and I'm grateful for both. And I'm hopeful the 4 screws will eventually turn. Anyone else tired of dealing with this problem?
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