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If I'm reading the diagram correctly and understanding your question, page 1 of the diagram shows that the mounting holes are in the "wide" dimension of the spreader and the retaining bolts are thus vertically oriented.

Page 4 of the diagram shows that the upper finger of the shroud "grabber" goes forward and curls aft, while the lower finger goes aft and curls forward.

Before you get too freaked out about the looseness on the bolt end...they need to have several degrees' worth of up-and-down "slop" or wobble, or they'll snap as the mast leans back and forth a bit from port to starboard tack. What your rigger observed may be by design.

These are relatively complicated extrusions, with that gradated rectangular-to-circular shape. The top view on page 1 is exactly the same profile as my spruce spreaders. I guess the few ounces of weight savings aloft were worth it to some sailors when these boats were competitive racers, but today...?
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