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Boatjoc 09-21-2022 07:24 PM

Rear Seal Replacement Questions
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I discovered during my last outing that I have the very issue with my rear seal that Don describes in his very helpful video, Rear Oil Seal Replacement. When I returned to my slip I looked in the engine compartment and saw that it was decorated with a ring of motor oil in a perfect 360 degree patern. So I am now faced with replacing the seal and perhaps even the coupling.

I have two important questions regarding this work. First, do I need to drain the oil, or is it at a level that it will spill out when the flange is removed? Second, in order the remove the flange that holds the seal I will need to move the prop shaft aft to create a space to pull it out of the engine compartment. Can this be done in the water or will a haul-out be required?

Any help regarding this unfortunate situation will be appreciated.

Dave Neptune 09-21-2022 07:59 PM

First welcome to the MMI forum.

Yes to draining the oil.

Yes it can be done in the water by being prepared and getting everything loose when ready to slide the shaft.

Once you have cleaned the shaft with a soft wire brush you can ease the packing and yes it will leak. Then the shaft will easily slide back. If you can get the shaft free of the coupling attach a hose clamp tightly to the end of the shaft. Then slide the shaft back to the clamp and re-tighten the packing gland. Hopefully that will give you enough room. Do all of the above when prepared and very little water will ingress. Be sure not to slide the shaft to far depending on prop to rudder clearance.

Dave Neptune :cool:

Boatjoc 09-21-2022 09:43 PM

Thanks for the welcome Dave, and thanks for the info. Needless to say, doing this with many gallons of ocean wanting inside my boat is intimidating. But I think I will go ahead and order the necessary parts an special tools and proceed.

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