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  • oceanwatersailor
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    • Feb 2013
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    Great feedback! Thanks and thank you roadn for the TDC document!

    I agree and think the cap was moved by who or why I am not sure.
    I got this boat last year and have been going through it finding all kinds of fun stuff.
    I won't be testing these suggestions for some time since the boat is a 10 hour drive from me in up in Deltaville, VA.

    What do you all think of the exhaust and how it exists?
    The elbow is rusted bad and does not look easy to replace...

    Here is another picture of the distributor:
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    • Dave Neptune
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      • Jan 2007
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      Oops forgot 1 thing

      Hey Morgan guys, I have an old '70 E-35MKII with the orginal engine still ticking away that's another with now 44 years of assembled service>. I am now on my 31st year with this boat and A-4.

      The engine has never left me stuck anywhere ever at all. I did get stuck once when I had a filter crack (yes plastic) and the fuel pump could not overcome the air leak. An hour later "tiffany's" opened (W Marine) and I was on my way with a bit less cash about 20 minutes after getting back to the boat. That was not the engine only something "I" overlooked!

      Great Engine
      Dave Neptune


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        • Nov 2008
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        Originally posted by Dromo View Post
        Dose it not look like #1 wire is near the block on the distributor and # 4 is furthest away form the block , like the distributor is in backwards Is that possible ?
        More like probable.
        #1 was on exhaust TDC not compression when the distributor was installed and somebody couldn't figure it out or said the hell with it and put the spark plug wires 180* off their "normal" orientation.

        TRUE GRIT

        PS to OWS
        If you have any misgivings about the exhaust system get it fixed. Don't gamble with carbon monoxide.
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        • romantic comedy
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          • May 2007
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          As Dave says, a distributor can be in any position.


          • oceanwatersailor
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            • Feb 2013
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            Yup, I really need to verify this. I recall finding TDC when I worked on the engine last year but I don't feel like it was 100% correct.

            John, I know I am going to replace that part on the exhaust though it does look like it will be a pain.

            Hopefully getting up to the boat soon