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  • equinox
    • Apr 2009
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    Ericson 29

    Anyone replace the exhaust system on a 1973 Ericson 29? Had an old stand pipe system which I replaced with a hot exhaust. I run straight back off the manifold about 12" then right turn into the locker 12" then 90 degrees up about 24" to a mixing elbow. From there out the back with no muffler. Its very quiet but I have to replace the mixing elbow every 4-5 years. Is there a better system?
  • Katie
    • Feb 2022
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    Ericson 29 exhaust

    Hi, I'm about to tackle this project - hoping it will eliminate icky cabin fumes! I'll let you know what we come up with.

    Oops - just realized you posted in 2009. How'd it work out hahaha!?


    • Dave Neptune
      Afourian MVP, Professor Emeritus
      • Jan 2007
      • 5099

      Katie, first welcome the the MMI forum. Start your own thread as more will chime in and participate in your project.
      Are you sure it is exhaust leaking? It could be "blow-by" causing the stink too or both.

      Dave Neptune


      • tenders
        Afourian MVP
        • May 2007
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        I don’t know about the Ericson 29, but my Ericson 32 came to me with a beautiful stainless steel standpipe system made by J&J Muffler Shop down the street from the Ericson factory. After 52 years it developed some cracks in the top welds and was weeping just a bit of water down its side. As part of a lot of engine skulduggery last season I removed it and took it to my local welder, with a lot of trepidation. Obviously this bit of gear didn’t owe me anything after 52 years…but…for $50 the welder replaced the top, rewelded it, and proclaimed it good for another 50 years.

        The moral of the story is not to assume the standpipe is the source of the exhaust leak. It is a low pressure system and I’d suggest ruling out higher pressure upstream parts first.


        • toddster
          Senior Member
          • Aug 2011
          • 490

          FWIW, my E29 standpipe had apparently quietly rusted away over the years. Wasn’t too bad when I took ownership, but rapidly disintegrated when I actually started using the boat. At first it was just some cabin fumes but rapidly escalated to steam billowing out of the sail locker.
          The Moyer stainless standpipe available from this site, plus a handful of pipe fittings from a local plumbing supplier, made an exact replacement. The only hard part was getting the old stuff out - could/should have just saved the trouble of trying to wrench any of the old fittings and just cut it out with a sawzall. None of it was reusable anyway.
          I think there are probably photos in “my” old thread.
          Around page 4.

          p.s. The standoff bracket - possibly not needed - was secured to the back of the galley bulkhead with wood spacer and some rubber appliance feet for vibration damping.