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  • Dave Neptune
    Afourian MVP, Professor Emeritus
    • Jan 2007
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    Ericson 35 MK-II

    Any body else out there using the Indigo 3 blade prop? If so at what RPM are you cruising and at what speed?
    Mine made an unbelievable differance while backing however while moving forward the acceleration or low speed pull (towing a small fiberglass dinghy) seems deminished a little. Above 1600/1700 RPM it seems tobe taking a pretty solid bight out of the water and works fine, below that it seems to rev up without much gain in speed acting a little sluggish.

    E-35 Mk-II #146 1970
    Original A-4 still running!
  • Redboat
    • Nov 2006
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    Tartan 30, Indigo Prop.

    Hello Dave,

    I have had the Indigo 3 blade prop on my 1975 Tartan 30 for 7 years and absolutely love it. My favorite cruising speed is 1800-1900 RPM (calibrated). My boat speed is just a tad under 6 knots in calm seas and my fuel consumption is about 0.8gal per hour. My acceleration seems to be fairly linear from idle speed up to about 2000RPM; however my boat only weights 9,200#.

    On our annual summer trips to Santa Catalina Island we regularly run at this speed for 14-16 hours. My previous prop was a Martec folding prop 12"x5" and I could only get 1400rpm maximum out of the Martec.

    Backing is fairly lackluster as my prop exits the hull in the trailing edge of my fin keel and I don’t have much control, however there is adequate pull in reverse.

    1975 Tartan 30C, #307
    Original A4