Any Other Ericsons Out There?

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  • Moor'ea
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    • Sep 2005
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    Any Other Ericsons Out There?

    I've seen a few posts from fellow Ericson owners around the site, and would like to hear from you guys! What year, model, any significant improvements or changes made, funny Ericson stories, etc...

    I've got a 1970 Ericson 20, Hull #5, my Atomic 4 serial number is 174XXX (not sure about the last few digits). My boat had been sitting in the California delta for the last 10 years or so, and unfortunatly didn't get enough TLC. But that's all changed now! Moved her down to Sausalito, CA, and first project on the list was the old Atomic 4 rebuild. Next on the list is electrical, then rigging, repainting deck, cabin and hull, etc, etc, etc...

    Anyway, who else is out there???
    1970 Ericson 29 #5
    San Francisco Bay
    Late Model A4
  • rgoff
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    • Oct 2004
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    I have a 1973 Ericson 27 #400 out of Dana Point, CA with the original A4 that has about 800 hours on it.

    Over the last couple of years I've replaced the fuel tank, coil and electric fuel pump and think I have things running well now. In fact, I'm currently at Catalina Island and the old A4 ran perfectly on the way over (knock on wood)

    Have an electronic ignition in the parts bin and will probably install that next spring.

    Over 20 years ago I brought my Catalina 22 up to the Delta (by trailer) and enjoyed a couple of days there. Unique place.

    Good luck with your boat,
    1973 Ericson 27, "Hog Time"


    • rickrose
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      • Jul 2006
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      s/v Elise, Ericson 29


      Mine is a 1972 Ericson 29. I am the third owner. The first owner kept her very well in all regards, except that he may have been a bit too much into tinkering and modifying--he added a bunch of "cruising" systems that ended up crowding every access space and, regardless, had all turned to junk by the time I received the boat, so out they went (electric fresh and sea water pumps, extra water tanks, etc.) The second owner was a racer. He kept the bottom smooth and bought new sails for her, but let everything else go to pot. So I'm slowly trying to catch up on her maintenance schedule. My biggest job on the motor so far was to replace the exhaust system. My biggest scare was when the drain between the stuffing box and the bilge clogged so that the engine wound up taking a bath underway, mixing water into the oil. Following Don's suggestions, I just changed the oil three times and it seems to have gone back to normal. Now I'm dealing with transmission and water pump/thermostat issues. I'd really like to just yank and rebuild the thing, but it will likely be some time before I am able to do that.

      All whining aside, I love the boat. She is a joy to sail. Hope you enjoy yours as much.

      Rick Rose


      • daveinrenton
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        • Mar 2006
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        Greetings from Athena!


        I noticed your initiating post back in 2005 and hope that you have come a long way on your remodel of the Ericson. I know there are a million and one things to do and a lot of bending your body into inhuman pretzel-like shapes to accomplish things. Athena is a 1979 Ericson 29 moored in Elliott Bay right in front of the Seattle skyline. She also was reasonably well kept when I bought her but aging, of course. Although we have done much beautification in the way of cushions and re-varnishing tables, etc, I try to keep her as simple to operate and maintain as possible with very few whiz-bang gizmos. For example, I still hank on the jib! I'll change to roller-reefer when I'm too old to handle a pitching foredeck. The 29 has a wheel and I concur that she is a dream to sail. She's fast and very solid when the seas and wind conspire to shake things loose.

        The A-4 is about ready for some de-rusto paint but runs remarkably well for an old bird. I added a secondary fuel filter to keep the juice as clean as possible and am steadfast on the every-50-hour oil changes (and fuel filter).

        I started sailing in Tiburon at the very north end of Richardson Bay back in 1970 so your mention of Sausalito brought back lots of fond memories. I was sailing smaller boats back then. I'm intersted to know how you are faring with your project and hope you are far enough along to enjoy one of the most dramatic sailing grounds in the USA.



        • learking
          • Nov 2006
          • 4


          We bought a 1973 Ericson 29 last May, 2006. Hull #251. Enjoyed the boat very much until work and family issues put the brakes on the sailing season in mid August. Very disappointing but the new season is just around the corner! I hope to solve the dirty spark plug question. Why? Maybe something blocking the exhaust. Also, replace the ammeter. Replace the water pump impeller. Finish compounding and waxing the hull and smooth deck finish areas. Finally, where is all that water coming in during our summer rains! Very mysterious.
          Really enjoy the boat except backing it out of the slip. First inboard ever and the prop walk thing seems to work against me every time!

          Good luck with your restoration.

          Gardner Soule


          • bluenote
            • Mar 2007
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            Ericson Owner

            Yes,there are other Ericsons out there.I've heard God sails an Ericson ? Actually, Bluenote (formally "Maggie") was purchased a year ago Nov. and we brought her up the canal system,from the finger lakes in New York state to Oswego N.Y. Arrived in Oswego 1 day before the locks closed for the season.
            She is moored at Henderson Harbor N.Y. on the Eastern end of Lake Ontario She is 27ft.,with an A-4 and wheel steering.
            The previous owner only had her for a couple of years but treated her well. We bought her off eBay. To the best of my knowledge the A-4 has not been rebuilt but seems fine.
            Work accomplished by previous owner: rudder completely restored, carbide scraped the hull below the waterline to the VCtar and added 2 more coats added- - followed by 2 coats of VC-17. All thru hull gate valves were replaced with ball valves. He replaced prop,shaft,cutlass bearing and realigned with engine,added solar vent.
            Spring 2006,"our turn to work", reupholstered all interior cushions, added anchor light, steaming light, foredeck light and windex light. Rewired Mast. New VHF, Signet fathometer and knot log, also installed a 2 burner alcohol stove.
            Last fall we added a dodger and bimini with a canvas (zip in) connector between.
            Spring 2007- - adding mast plate, deck organizers , cabin top winches and leading all halyards etc. to the cockpit. Upgrading all shorepower wiring with new Blue Sea panel. Also adding two push pit seats(to be mounted to the stern rails) out of Starboard. Last but not least(didn't plan on this one) the muffler system fell into a heap of rust. With the help of Moyer Marine I have a new one designed and in the works.
            27 ft. Ericson:

            I was "forced" into retirement just to keep up with all this.Much more fun than working.


            • jms
              • Feb 2007
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              Here is the resource for all things Ericson:

              Very active forum. Several of the regulars are former Ericson employees and Martin King—Bruce’s son—is a frequent contributor.

              E35-2 #288
              Long Beach, CA
              Ericson 35-2 No. 288 Long Beach, CA


              • Keymastr
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                • Feb 2007
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                New 1977 Ericson E-27 owner

                I have just bought an Ericson E-27 1977 after selling my Catalina 22
                The Boat is still in Boston and will be trucked up to Lake Champlain at the end of April for a good cleaning, inspection and then the fun begins with all the repairs. I’ve been thru this before and have learned a lot. I have a website going and as the year progresses we will have some interesting posts to this and other related sites
                I look forward to this my third project.
                The boat is now in the water and ready for Sea trials

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                • timday5
                  Senior Member
                  • May 2007
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                  E-27 Hull #817

                  Just bought her about a month ago. S/V Sea-renity, but will probably give her a new name once she's seaworth again. She's on the hard now for thru-hull replacement, cockpit drain re-routing, exhaust system rebuild, tranny adjustment, and steering system replacement. But other than that, she's a great boat! I've had one great sailing afternoon on her with my kids - then started discovering some deficiencies.

                  A4 projects include: rebuilding the hot exhaust section (currently has a "U" mixing elbow that is cracked) and adjusting the reversing gear (PO had it improperly adjusted so that it never actually made it into fwd gear).


                  • mike boyd sr
                    • Sep 2008
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                    been there done that

                    hi there im mike and i've gota 1972 ericson 29 sloop w/full keel ive been on this for 2.5 yrs and i've got lots to do still but i think im getting close than i just have to learn to sail . i stay in antioch and my lil girl is at oyster cove marina in ssf so let me know if i can be of assistance. thanx mike


                    • agraziano23
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                      • Sep 2009
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                      Originally posted by jms View Post
                      Here is the resource for all things Ericson:

                      Very active forum. Several of the regulars are former Ericson employees and Martin King—Bruce’s son—is a frequent contributor.

                      E35-2 #288
                      Long Beach, CA
                      I second JMS link to the EY board. In any case I have a E27 with wheel steering in Bayville NJ. Got it at the end of last season for $2000 but expect to put in about $2000 more this season on PO's deferred maintenance. Some of the dough will go to Moyer naturally.
                      Tony G.
                      1976 Ericsson 27 with A-4


                      • Orion 29
                        • Jun 2010
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                        Ericson 29 ORION

                        We sail out of Rochester, NY on '70 Ericson 29...Burt R


                        • learking
                          • Nov 2006
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                          Steady Progress


                          We sail out of Pultneyville, NY on Lake Ontario. Our boat, a 1973 Model, hull 251, has always been on Lake Ontario. I am the third owner.

                          A bit over 3 years ago I responded to your question about other Ericsons out there. Well, here is what has happened after that last post.

                          Installed Indigo Electronic Ignition kit (for me a tough install but it works well). Would consider Moyer's easier install mod. if there is a next time.

                          Installed mixture control in main jet. This worked wonders at improving fuel economy (.75gal/hr) and clearing up the sooty plugs issue mentioned earlier.

                          Installed RACOR gas/water separator.

                          Installed "Polishing Filter" between fuel pump and carb.

                          Installed Primer Bulb (see post about a week ago. This saved our butts after failure of the electric fuel pump.)

                          OK, replaced electric fuel pump!

                          Installed backup ignition switch as per Moyer's suggestion.

                          Installed raw water filter (the original boat just had the hull screen).

                          Installed Indigo 3 bladed prop. Improved somewhat backup and cruise characteristics. Backing up for me is still an adventure.

                          I have a Moyer water pump on order, the grease-cupless model, and plan on installing it this week. Will save the old pump as a spare.


                          Rebedded all stanchions including potting of all holes. There was only one really bad one which I did first in 2008. Last week I snapped two of the stanchion bolts on that one (should have used new hardware!). I rebedded that stanchion with new SS bolts on Saturday. Incidentally, the other stanchion rebedding was done largely with new hardware. Recommend fender washers. I'm guessing you've done this already and know what a pain it is for all except the forward pair.

                          Regasketed 4 salon windows. Well, put on a new window gasket; however, could not find replacement for the inner gasket which runs around the window channel. Then, used foam tape as recommended in owner's manual. This greatly decreased the window leaks in the salon but did not stop them. On Saturday I drilled drain holes in three of the salon windows. Oddly enough, one window had them and that one NEVER leaked. As can be expected, water drained out of every drain hole I drilled. Its still too early to know if this really fixed the leaky window problem but yesterday, after two days of rain, there were no leaks noted!

                          Replaced 4 smaller portlights. Bought on EBay four Scandvik Moonlight openable and screened. These really are a great match for the old ones and do not leak (so long as they are closed when it rains!)

                          Installed dodger.

                          Refurbished main hatch. This was not the original, but a good replacement made of teak boards. It leaked badly! Sanded, filled cracks with epoxy and covered entire hatch with glass cloth and epoxy. Varnished. Looks great and does not leak!

                          Installed solar powered vent in forward hatch. Cut passive vent in bottom panel (I have 4) of companionway hatch. This really improved ventilation when the boat is closed up.

                          Installed Origo Alcohol/Electric double burner stove. This was a recent and much delayed upgrade. (I lit the old alcohol stove which came with the boat after removing it to my garage. Its a good thing I didn't try it in the boat!)

                          Rigged main halyard, main sheet and boom vang (which I use more as a cunningham though I don't think it is really either...more of a downhaul line actually) through a deck organizer with a rope clutch just forward of the cockpit winch on the starboard cabinhouse. This has greatly reduced my foredeck exposure. Thinking about lazy jacks for next season.

                          Purchased a backstay adjuster on EBay but have not installed it. Planning on next season.

                          I think that's about all. We enjoyed a cruise up to the 1000 Islands a couple of weeks ago and are planning a Toronto cruise in August. Retired last December and life is good! Hope you are doing well with your Ericson.

                          Gardner Soule


                          • Dave Neptune
                            Afourian MVP, Professor Emeritus
                            • Jan 2007
                            • 5099


                            Well fellow Ericson owners, I have an ole E-35MkII and we stay in Alimitos Bay in So. California. Being in so-cal we have sailing pretty much all year long . The Volador is a 1970 hull #136 and I am the third owner. I have had the boat for 26 years now and have had nothing but praise for the power plant nestled below. The motor is original except that I pulled the head when I bought her as the lil beastie was frozen tight and full of rust. I replaced an exhaust valve knocked the pistons loose with a "dead-blow" hammer and got her started. She has started ever since and only on one occasion did she not start, however two hours later we were on our way to Catalina for the weekend. I have had water in through the exhaust 5~6 times through the years as mounting a good syphon break is problimatic of this A-4 instalation so I now have a manual valve in it's place.
                            I have the Indigo prop, electronic ignition and a PCV kit added as mods. The engine is a bit tired and stillticking.

                            Dave Neptune
                            Volador E-35MkII 1970 #136