Coil energized with ignition switch off

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  • jkenan
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2005
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    Coil energized with ignition switch off

    While sailing this past weekend with the engine and ignition switch turned off, my coil was being energized. The fuel pump was clicking, and my buzzer was making a feeble attempt at sounding. I disconnected all wires to the ignition switch, and tested the Ohms from both terminals on the ignitions switch. With the switch in the 'off' position, I was still getting a reading, which explains why the coil was being energized.

    This is a brand new switch, and there is no visible reason for the short. Can I assume this is a bum switch and that replacing it will solve the issue, or is there anything else that could be contributing to the short (water getting into the switch, etc.)?


    John Kenan
    Ericson 29, Carried Away
    Efland, NC
  • Don Moyer
    • Oct 2004
    • 2823


    Based on the results of your test, I cast my vote for a faulty switch.