EWDS - Raw Water Sensor

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  • Anchor1800
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    • Oct 2018
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    EWDS - Raw Water Sensor

    Hi everyone,

    This question is specifically for folks who have installed the EWDS. I purchased mine toward the end of last season apparently just prior to MMI discontinuing it. I installed the pieces over the winter but have a concern with the raw water sensor.

    The instructions call for it to be placed before the water pump inlet. When I place it here I get very little to no water flow, to the point that I have concerns with the engine overheating. So I removed it. Has anyone installed it after the water pump and had better success?

    Additional info, I changed the impeller on my wayer pump a year ago, and I get plenty of flow when the sensor is not installed. I also verified the flow direction is correct on the sensor itself.

    Any other pieces I'm missing?

  • ndutton
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    Just sent you a Private Message.
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