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  • capnward
    I too, have bad access to the raw water pump. It is a Moyer flange pump. FWC. Recently I tried to buy the impeller tool, but they are sold out. So, I removed the pump. I still was unable to remove the impeller. It was really stuck on the shaft. So, I drove the shaft partway out until the impeller was almost free, then I could pull it out with pliers. After driving the shaft back in, I installed the new impeller, using never-seize on the shaft. I worried about damaging the seals, but apparently they are ok. The end of the shaft had made a divot on the inside of the back plate, from the shaft being driven in to far, although the flange on the shaft should have prevented that. I think this created heat that fried the impeller to the shaft. It all works now.

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  • ndutton
    started a topic Impeller puller

    Impeller puller

    For those who have horrible access to their water pump, have you seen the MMI impeller puller tool? It is designed to be a single hand operation without sight on the pump and from first hand experience I can tell you it works exactly as described.