Shifting from foward to neutral

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  • sterling8008
    • Sep 2006
    • 3

    Shifting from foward to neutral

    Recently purchased a 1976 Ericson 27 with the Atomic 1V. The engine operation, and shifting into forward from neutral, and shifting into reverse from neutral is quite acceptable. However, shifting from forward back to neutral requires considerable force on the shifter lever. Is there some adjustment for this condition.
  • Don Moyer
    • Oct 2004
    • 2823

    Unfortunately, the groove around the forward end of the operating cone is shaped so that it takes a little more force to pull the ends of the fingers out of the groove than it does to ramp them up the shallower leading edge of the cone approaching the groove.

    The force required to pull the assembly out of forward can usually be improved by backing off the forward adjusting collar on notch (in the counterclockwise direction as you would be facing the engine from the rear), and still have the forward clutch assembly hold during high power settings.