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  • H3LlIoN
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    • Jun 2011
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    You've clearly never been in the air over west point. If you pull it up on google maps/earth, our landing area is huge. The airport was originally for pilot training during the war, and it was three runways built in a triangle. Only one is active any longer, but we get the space in the middle of the triangle. In the last 5 years, we've only had one skydiver go in the drink, and that was completely his fault. We have a couple of very solid outs. It's a moot point, however. The governing body of the airport is kicking us out and we have to move airports after 49 years @ WP.
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    • TomG
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      Originally posted by H3LlIoN View Post
      As for the rest....I think being a risk manager is truly the scary thing! I don't think I'd like living my life constantly calculating and assessing the risks of everything.

      As a former hellion myself, I once approached life with a somewhat reckless abandon. In fact, there was a time when I might have riden out the storm just for kicks. After very nearly getting my ticket punched while killing time in Darwin's waiting room, I had an epiphany... If I wanted to see my kids grow up, I needed to remain in this earthly realm.

      Everything we do involves some degree of risk. Riding out a hurricane in a small sailboat carries a higher degree of risk than I am willing to subject myself to. YMMV.
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      • Al Schober
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        Take her out might be the best bet depending the time of season. How many weeks of sailing do you have left before you normally haul out?
        Riding it out at a dock? Maybe, but look at the dock first. How high are the pilings? If you visit at high tide, note the pilings are head high, and expect 10' of surge, that dock may not be a good choice.
        Riding it out in a mooring field is NOT a good choice. Your tackle might be up to the job, but what about the other guy. You get hit by another boat and all bets are off. I lost one boat (Gloria '85). Got hit by another boat, my mooring pennant failed at the eye splice, big 'V' in my stbd bow.
        Options are:
        1) Haul it out.
        2) Dock it somewhere safe.
        3) Anchor it somewhere safe. Anchors bow and stern. Don't tell anyone about your 'hole'. DO NOT stay aboard.