No spark from coil

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  • Dave Neptune
    Afourian MVP, Professor Emeritus
    • Jan 2007
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    Ejay, do you have a water separator/filter at the tank end AND a polishing filter between the fuel pump and carb. If you don't install them. These will filter out most any gunk detrimental to the carb. It does not take much gunk to foul a small carb as the orifices' are smaller than larger carbs. The carb should be thoroughly cleaned judging by the look of the stuff in the throat of the carb.

    Dave Neptune


    • Sam
      Afourian MVP
      • Apr 2010
      • 324

      I would think about fuel hose degradation - either fuel pick up in tank if you have a flexible one [I changed over to copper about 1 1/2 in above tank bottom] or fuel fill hose. Also you could have decades of krud in tank that gets stirred up in any rough seas. The filters as well as a pressure gauge are great additions and I would move towards cleaning the tank - at a minimum pump out the bottom few gallons.


      • joe_db
        Afourian MVP
        • May 2009
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        Has that carb been underwater?
        Joe Della Barba
        C&C 35 MK I
        Maryland USA


        • ejay
          Senior Member
          • Jul 2022
          • 68

          Replacing the old fuel hoses would be a good task, along with getting new fuel filters. The PO has a big fuel filter and an inline cartridge one, but who knows how old they are at this point.

          The carb may have had some water exposure in recent months when I had a bilge failure at the same time I had exhaust leak that was dumping water into the boat.
          78 Catalina 30