Atomic 4 mechanic needed.

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  • Garytlilisailor
    • Sep 2021
    • 1

    Atomic 4 mechanic needed.

    I have a rebuilt atomic 4 gas engine ready to be installed. I have a knowledgeable person helping me with that but he says he isn't a professional mechanic and recommended I get a professional mechanic to overview the operation once the engine is installed and in the water.

    Can anyone help?
    My email

    I'm located in Queens NY.
  • Dave Neptune
    Afourian MVP, Professor Emeritus
    • Jan 2007
    • 5064

    Most mechanics today will not touch an A-4 and finding what you seek could be problematic. However getting things in place and ready is not a big deal just time consuming. Once your ready make an offer of liquid bread and burgers and perhaps one of our members will assist.

    We've seen this request here many times and seldom is a mechanic found, however often help is found off this site.

    Dave Neptune


    • Al Schober
      Afourian MVP
      • Jul 2009
      • 2031

      You don't need a 'professional' mechanic, you just need one who's competent. The pro is just more likely to overcharge you.
      The only thing to check when it's in the water (other than water leaks) is alignment to the shaft. You can do a rough alignment before launch but final should be in the water.
      When your 'knowledgeable' friend is helping, ask questions. Best way to learn. If you don't have the Moyer Manual get one. Best investment you can make.