Identifying oil pressure manifold and accessories

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  • tworail
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    • Feb 2019
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    Identifying oil pressure manifold and accessories

    Does anyone recognize the manifold below, or is this just a standard off-the-shelf part from an auto parts store? I thought Moyer may have offered something like this years ago but can't confirm.

    The gauge is obvious, what is the fat one in the middle? The far end looks to be a sensor to be wired to a cockpit gauge, but could it also be an oil pressure safety switch? The previous owner put all this together but didn't get to the wiring-up stage.

    Incidentally, the oil pressure reads very low at idle, maybe 5PSI, so I do need to get in there and adjust the regulating valve. But I would also like to wire the rest of this up and make use of it.
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  • ndutton
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    The fat one is an oil pressure gauge sender, the little on on the left is an oil pressure safety switch for an electric fuel pump. Nice manifold, haven't seen one like that before but I like it.
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