Did we really need this? SYNTHETIC Marvel Mystery Oil

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  • tenders
    Afourian MVP
    • May 2007
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    Did we really need this? SYNTHETIC Marvel Mystery Oil

    Noted in AutoZone last weekend.

    As if it weren’t already mysterious enough…

    …as if the internet weren’t already overrun with wild speculation, pure ignorance, and deliberate misinformation on dinosaur vs. synthetic, pure oil vs. additives, pure fuel vs. additives…

    …now we also have to contend with SMMO - Synthetic Marvel Mystery Oil?

    I know you’re all wondering: what does it smell like? I don’t know. I didn’t buy it. I am still getting over the fact that the Original Gangsta product no longer seems to be available in the old timey metal cans. The newfangled plastic bottles make it feel like all the other quackery around it on the shelf.

    For the record, per Moyer’s recommendation I use the old school version religiously in my A4 fuel (2 oz per 5 gallons) and it is effective at keeping my valves from sticking. Following decades of spilling its red wintergreen slippery freshness all over the decks, my trick now is to store it onboard in a carefully-relabeled StaBil bottle, which has the genius 1-oz measuring dispenser built into it. I also use StaBil on a year-round basis, in every drop of fuel that goes into my small engines.

    (MMO has also been 100% effective as a rhinoceros repellent and I am not willing to take this risk with a new synthetic variant until somebody from MMI blesses it as being not only effective but superior to the original.)
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  • hanleyclifford
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    • Mar 2010
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    Note the price difference. One can hardly blame the MMO folks for trying to jump on the synthetic bandwagon {I think they call it horizontal integration), but I'm not sold on synthetic anything. I will also continue to use the Original until I hear convincing evidence to the contrary. BTW, don't be fooled by "extended oil change interval" hype. IMO the only thing that extends oil change interval is an oil filter.


    • Dave Neptune
      Afourian MVP, Professor Emeritus
      • Jan 2007
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      Personally I am a big fan of the synthetic oils as they do not break down as fast which is the only reason for the "extended" life. As far as the MMO synthetic I would guess it would work much better in the fuel as the primary reason for the OB industry going to the synthetic (TCW-3 grade) is for better suspension in the fuel as well as better lubrication qualities both in the bearing and the combustion chamber.

      I have torn down many hi-millage engines that used synthetics and both cleanliness of the engine and wear patterns were far superior to Std oil. However they both work well with regular oil changes and good quality filters. I also believe that better filters work better with either choice. It is also the reason I like bypass ultra fine filters on any marine application and even in "road" use especially a towing vehicle.

      What I have seen has made me believe not what I have read.

      As far as the MMO it has always been a good product. If I was using Std oil I would use the old style in the oil but would definitely use the synthetic in the fuel.

      Dave Neptune


      • sastanley
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        • Sep 2008
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        Dave, the last few years, I had been running syn 2-stroke oil in the gas for the A-4 mostly from your experience and recommendation. I have been running synthetic oils in my crankcases of all my engines for years.
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        • RobH2
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          • Dec 2009
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          I've used Mystery Oil in the gas for 14-years and trust that it's doing something good. What's the ratio of that 2-stroke oil? Advantages, disadvantages, same...but cheaper? Sounds like a good alternative.

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          • tenders
            Afourian MVP
            • May 2007
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            Two-stroke oil is not likely to be cheaper than Marvel, but if you're going down that path let me save you some time: Motul 710 synthetic. I use it in my two-stroke scooter and its lack of smoke is amazing.

            It also has the benefit that its model number, 710, reads "OIL" if you're looking at it upside down, to further eliminate potential confusion in a zero-gravity or similar situation.