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  • Garry D
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    • Aug 2022
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    No neutral

    Ok got a question. I have positive forward shift into gear. And a long reverse. But no neutral. I have a sweet spot just before reverse but shaft never completely stops turning. So do I need to turn the nut on the band counterclockwise to get more of a positive neutral. Complicates things when shaft wont completely stop turning. From what I see its an adjustment issue. Also my controls are strange. Power up is pull lever back, shift into reverse is forward. Just goes against my nature. Some say their Catalinas are the same. Any help would be appreciated
  • Dave Neptune
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    • Jan 2007
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    First welcome the the MMI Forum.

    Neutral is very illusive and the shaft almost always rotates when in neutral, it is just the nature of this transmission. IE normal. Ones that don't rotate usually have the stuffing box set tighter or run thinner oil which I would not recommend. It is spinning because of the friction of the oil and clutches when not engaged works kinda like a torque converter.

    The throttle direction can be changed by moving the cable at one end to the other side, however this usually requires a longer cable to do the loop. You may also fabricate a different throttle arm on the carb to go from the top to the bottom or visa-versa. Or just get use to it as many have.

    Dave Neptune
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