oil pressure safety switch

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  • morgan_out_island
    • May 2005
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    oil pressure safety switch

    Hello Don,
    I have a late model A4 I just installed a new electric fuel pump and i'm not sure where the Oil safety switch goes?.
    Looking from the flywheel end (lower right front ) I have some kind of electric switch? with one wire going to a pos side... All the pics I see show the oil pressure switch on the lower back side, just befor the trans...
    The only place I see to install the new swtich has a nut with a slotted screw,
    should I remove this and install the oil switch here?
    Thank You Again,
    Ray Roberts
  • Don Moyer
    • Oct 2004
    • 2823


    The slotted threaded rod secured by a 3/4" locking nut in the fuel pump corner of the engine is the oil pressure regulating valve. You do not want to remove that threaded rod under any circumstances.

    There is a brass screwdriver-slotted 1/8" pipe plug located just above the oil pressure regulating valve that can be removed to install the oil pressure safety switch. If you can't get that plug to turn, you can install a 1/8" brass "T" fitting ahead of the oil pressure sending unit located just behind the flywheel housing in front of the carburetor flame arrester and install the oil pressure safety switch in that location.



    • magi
      Frequent Contributor
      • Dec 2021
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      OPSS Orientation

      Should the OPSS be installed upright or can it be installed in any position ?

      Thank you all.


      • msmith10
        Afourian MVP
        • Jun 2006
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        The orientation doesn't matter.
        In the future you would be better off not posting on a 17 year old thread. Start a new one.
        Mark Smith
        1977 c&c30 Mk1 hailing from Port Clinton, Ohio


        • zellerj
          Afourian MVP
          • May 2005
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          I think the reason people post as a reply to older posts is because it is easier to reply (button right out front and easy to see) vs starting a new post. It takes me a while to figure out how to start a new post. It is not obvious.

          Perhaps a sticky on how to post a new post would be useful if members object to resurrecting a old post on a similar topic.
          Jim Zeller
          1982 Catalina 30
          Kelleys Island, Ohio


          • ndutton
            Afourian MVP
            • May 2009
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            I'm one who doesn't object to resurrecting old threads once in a while. Most of the time there's some great information in them, this thread for example.
            1977 Catalina 30
            San Pedro, California
            prior boats 1987 Westsail 32, 1970 Catalina 22
            Had my hands in a few others