thermostat installation with new MMI Gasket....

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  • jsutphen
    no spacer modification.... original parts I think. I didn't use sealant on the lower side of the gasket because it wasn't leaking there. I had a really hard time keeping hte t-stat lined up in the groove in the upper housing when installing, and every time it was a little off, it leaked like crazy. The sealant helped my lack of being able to line it up perfectly. Am I doing it wrong?

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  • roadnsky
    First, welcome to the forum! There are a lot of other C30 guys here.

    Forgive me if I'm not following you correctly in your explanation...
    Would it have been better to have only put the permatex on the "lower" side on the head
    and the "upper" side on the housing?
    Then the thermostat would sit on the dry side.

    Do you have the "spacer" modification?

    Again, apologies if I'm missing your point.
    I'm also attaching a PDF doc that Don published about gaskets and sealers...
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  • jsutphen
    started a topic thermostat installation with new MMI Gasket....

    thermostat installation with new MMI Gasket....


    I got two new thermostat gaskets from MMI along with other parts over the winter. I took my thermostat out (late model dual action) while winterizing in the fall and the old broken gasket or whatever was there was leaking a bit. Anyway, spring comes and I go to put the new gasket on. It fits nice, but the thermostat rests on top of it (The OD of the thermostat is larger than the ID of the gasket). Is this how it is supposed to be? The thermostat fits in the groove of the upper housing, but I can't for the life of me get it to stay in the groove when I go to mount the upper housing and it has lead to anywhere from a spectacular water show to a slight drip. I finally gave up and put permatex onthe gasket and it seems to have stopped leaking. But, now the gasket will have to be ruined to get the thermostat out, since it is trapped between it and the housing... Anyone know what I am talking about? is the thermostat supposed to sit on top of the gasket? How do you keep the T-stat in the groove of the upper housing when installing?

    John Sutphen
    "Yeah Buoy" 1979 C-30