Oberdorfer 202M-03 how to remove stuck inner seal?

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  • Enfin
    • Nov 2021
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    Oberdorfer 202M-03 how to remove stuck inner seal?

    Good morning water pump magicians and machinists. I admit I need help... I have a stuck inner seal in my water pump Oberdorfer 202M-03. Oil was leaking into the bilge from the flange. Both seals were very difficult to remove. In trying to remove it, the seal has come apart and I have pulled out the outer-facing brassy coloured (bronze?) lip, the rubber and the spring. However, the inner-facing body of the seal is still inside the body. That is supposed to come out and a new seal sits there, correct? How do I get it out?

    It has no lip projecting in the inner shaft so I can't knock it from the impeller side.

    2 suggestions I have found: use a round nose chisel and pick at it but I am concerned about scoring the inner walls of the pump body.
    Or use carefully a flat burr grinder steadied on the drill press to eat away the sides of the seal with the hope of weakening it or creating a flap that could be gripped with pliers...
    Any suggestions?

    Finally, there is polishing on the impeller shaft but not so much that one's fingernail catches on it (I'm being positive - its not leaking water!) At what point does a visual inspection indicate that have to be replaced?

    (By the way, several impeller vanes were split and about to shred so worth checking. I am guessing from the history of the boat, this pump may not been serviced over about 800h in freshwater (40 months in water over about 10 years). The seals may be stuck due to heating in a past run-dry(s)).
  • hanleyclifford
    Afourian MVP
    • Mar 2010
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    Make a tool. Bend a small screwdriver 90 degrees at the tip; then sharpen the end.