I have 2 atomic 4 for sale for parts or rebuild:
1. ser. #204102-comes with manifold, starter, and engine mounts. This engine came from Catalina. asking $190
2. ser.#172183-this is complete engine that came from my C&C 35 due to failed exhaust valve on second cylinder. The engine is missing: the engine mounts, shift lever, thermostat and housing. The engine comes with working mechanical distributor, mechanical fuel pump, Jabsco water pump, coil, carburetor, starter, and alternator. asking $290
Please text me (you can also leave a message, but I won't pick up if I do not know your number-do not waste your time) or email me if interested with your name and phone number and I will get back to you: methvin@hotmail.com or 4103026268. If you post reply here, not sure if I will respond. Thx Matthew (@Czechit).
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