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Conversation Between edwardc and CatalinaSailor
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  1. CatalinaSailor
    03-04-2021 05:47 PM
    Do you know of anyone who may be able to help, or would there be any chance at all you may be willing/able to help in this situation?

    Many thanks for taking the time to reply - I would really love to find a way to get the boat back up in shape...

    All the best,
  2. CatalinaSailor
    03-04-2021 05:47 PM
    Hello Ed,

    I was just searching through the forums for an Atomic 4 mechanic in the Baltimore area and stumbled upon the thread with your responses to Marcus.

    I've got a 1982 Catalina 30 sitting on the hard at Old Bay Marina. It's been sadly sitting there for the past 7 years as I've been living and working overseas. I've been told recently there is some water in the drip pan of the engine. I've read quite a bit about the maintenance and this specific issue from the forums, and it seems that there may be easy fixes for it. Trouble is I am not there and I don't really know anyone in the area who could have a go at it.

    I would really love to find someone very familiar with Atomic 4s to have a look at the engine and see what shape the engine is in.

    The batteries are dead so it would require someone with the capability of jump starting it or with a portable battery of their own.

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