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Stowing Odyssey`s gear...
I despise the end of sailing season. It`s really hard to stay motivated when I know the game is up.
This was the mess the garage was in after the summer...bit by bit things got tossed in and never stowed or put away properly...those old sails on the...
Garage cleaned up a bit for the arrival of Odyssey's gear.
First  load home.
Boat gear.
Gear piled on floor as it came home.
Boat things packed into packer boxes and stowed in corner.
Boat things in corner behind tires...season changes.
Odyssey's anchors.
Things changed around to make room.
My old full batten main up high (a back-up now), fuel cans, wet weather gear.
Lines hanging on wall and shelf.
I remove the carb and clean it out ...ready to go back on the engine in the spring.
Boat repair gear...everything from 4200 to fiberglass and epoxies
My back-up engine.
Inflatable dinghy, BBQ, charts, spare stanchions on that shelf.
Safety gear, fenders, radar reflector...all up there.
Life rings in rafters.
Cushions in rafters of garage
More lines
Wet weather gear and lines in garage.
Sails spend and few days in the basement beside the exercise equipment that won`t be moving either...great hangers though.  Need to ensure your sails...

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