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Rebuilt Exhaust Hot Section
In the course of an engine rebuild, I replaced the original, inadequate exhaust hot section with one with a proper riser. Everything in the new exhaust except the flange and the injection point is constructed from stainless steel.
Original exhaust before rebuild.  Note the complete lack of a riser, and the minimal amount of separation between the water injection point and the...
Redesigned exhaust, using two 12" stainless 1 1/4" pipes, two street elbows, one regular elbow, one F-F coupler, and a Moyer water injection point....
Dry fit loosely assembled parts to check for clearance and alignment.
Measure, cut, and fit hose between hot section and SS waterlift muffler.
Same thing, different view.
Finished assembly ready for wrapping.
Wrapped in Thermo-Tec hi-temp insulation.
Painted with hi-temp black paint.
Final installation.
Final installation.

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