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Preventing an "Accident"

The biggest concern I have whenever I turn away from my job in Tech Service for a few days is always safety.

I recall similar concerns during my career as a Flight Safety Officer in the US Air Force, where I had the pleasure of working for some wonderful leaders. One of the very best was the Commander of Air Forces Iceland, Colonel Ewell D. Wainright, whom I served under in 1973. While assigned to Air Forces Iceland, we routinely flew rather dated single-engine, single-seat jet fighters over the Arctic Circle from our base in Keflavic, so the Colonel always had a very keen interest in Flight Safety. One of the ways he showed that interest was to routinely ask me the question: “Don, if we lose an aircraft today due to an accident, what do you think the cause would be?” After letting the Colonel know of my deepest concerns, he’d always smile and tell me not to go to bed that night before fixing the first item on my list.

Adapting Colonel Wainright’s challenge to our situation, I’m going to ask our Webmaster to add a Safety section to our Community Forum where each of you can post your own answer to the question: “If you knew that the next time you used your boat you would lose it due to a serious engine-related accident, what do you think the cause would be, and what are you doing to prevent that accident?”

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