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I would be good to follow Dave N's advice above and if the valves are to tight, they will never fully seat and you will get low/no compression.

The trick is remove the side plate and watch the valves on each cylinder. When both the intake and exhaust valves are in the closed position (valve stems are most visible), you are on the compression stroke. This is also when the cam is on the bottom of the lobe, and you will have the maximum gap between the lifter and the valve stem.

Just check the gap and cold the intake should be 0.010" and the exhaust should be 0.012". Then rotate the crank shaft by half a revolution and look for the next cylinder with both valves closed... and do the same adjustment.

As a bit of foreshadowing... the cylinders will follow 1-2-4-3 in the order.

Good luck!
Portland, OR
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Exclamation Indicator balloon use

Ted, when the balloon "starts" to expand you are on the compression stroke. As soon as the balloon starts to expand stop turning. Now look to the flywheel so you can see the "pin" in the center. When this pin ti "vertical" you are ready to check the adjustment. Rotate the engine another 90* and you are ready for the next cylinders valves. Repeat this for all 4 cylinders and you have turned the engine 2 full revolutions.

If you error on adjusting error to the loose side of the adjustment not tight.

If the balloon does not inflate we will need to look to the valves for TDC so they can be adjusted.

Dave Neptune

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