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Chef -
I gave it the ole college try today, but baked plugs didn't get me there. There was certainly more "activity" in the chambers. I tried the baking process a few times.

I used my external BBQ on the back rail. I didn't think to take a picture, but the plugs stood really nicely in grill rack.

After the first baking process, I did get more bang in the chambers, but still wouldn't start. I pulled the plugs again... #1 & #2 were totally dry. #3 had a touch of moisture. I rebaked the plugs and tried again. No luck either.

I did triple check the choke today to make sure the choke valve is actually opening and closing. All looks well.

I also rechecked that I am getting spark at the plugs. All good there as well.

After each starting attempt... cranking on the starter for 8-10 seconds, wait 5-10 seconds, repeat 4-5 times, I would notice that I get some fuel back into the intake chamber under the flame arrestor. I siphon that fuel out before trying again.

It's now turned into a bit of a party down at the dock trying to get my A4 started. I have several $10 bets from neighbor boats that new fuel will get it going. I will give that a whirl tomorrow afternoon and report my progress... I'm hopeful.

I'm thinking that I will do the plugs bake again while trying the new fuel since there will still be some old gas in the carb.

Still trying....

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