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Almost new starter and solenoid

This is a follow up to my posting last fall. We put a new solenoid on the starter last fall and until this point we had good starts. Two weeks ago we were heading out with friends for an evening sail and of course no start. We did still enjoy the Bailey's.
The next day the resident mechanic ran some tests and said I needed a new starter and before I could so "huh" he had it off. At one point it had been submerged in water and I can't tell you what I said the insides looked like. He had me take it to his starter expert who re-built it in a day. It sure makes the rest of the engine look good.
Now I have issue of hearing the solenoid engage but don't always get a start. After several button pushes it fires right up. From this forum it seems I need to check the voltage during the start sequence. I have good voltage and all new wires/ cables from the re-wire this past winter/ spring. And the voltage at the battery and solenoid are over 13.
The other opinion offered to me was that I have new teeth trying to engage an old fly wheel and that it just isn't meshing at this point.
Any thoughts?
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