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Originally Posted by ndutton View Post
There has been considerable discussion about the lifting eye/bracket imparting loads on the head that result in cracks.
Are we talking about cracks or damage to the head, or to the block? It would seem to me that since the studs are threaded into the block and simply pass through holes in the head, that lifting the engine by them would put stress on the block more than on the head, unless you somehow apply a major lateral load - which seems to me shouldn't happen.

I'll certainly discuss all this with the yard before hoisting my engine out. I've decided to just pay them to bring their crane over - I'll have everything ready to go, so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes (hopefully). I do like the idea of lifting it with several straps all the way around and under the engine, rather than dangling it from just two head studs.

I've already taken off the manifold (which includes the carb) and will also remove the alternator and coil.
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