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Originally Posted by Laker View Post
Keep this in mind : it seems that in many boats the interior was built around the engine after the engine was dropped into place. Then the deck was placed onto the hull. Getting the mill out can be REAL tricky. (recent experience here.) Like he said , plan ahead to avoid having the meter run while you are scratching your head.
Oh yeah, I've already had a pretty good look-see at the sitcheeayshun.

The bulkhead just forward of the engine is removable with just a few screws. I plan on building a new one anyhow - the old one is kinda beat up and is just plywood with 1960's plastic wood-grain laminate veneer on it anyhow - it looks pretty dated and worn. The lid/cover that goes on top of the engine box similarly is beat up and plywood with plastic laminate, like a piece of old diner countertop - including the chips and missing bits of laminate. I am going to build a new bulkhead frame-and-panel style to give the boat a bit more of that classy old wooden boat look and feel, and a new lid out of black walnut for more classy old wooden boat look.

Anyhow, with that bulkhead and lid out of the way, there should be plenty of room to get the beast out. I have yet to lay a tape measure across the companionway, but just eyeballemetrically, it looks like it should go out there without too much trouble.

I also know that this engine was installed in 1983 - the boat was built in 1968. So somebody already pulled out an old engine and put this one in - so it's definitely doable.

I plan on doing all the disconnecting and unhooking well in advance of calling the guy over to hoist the engine out. If they do in fact haul the boat out today, which was the last status I heard, then I might run out there this weekend and do all that. Then the engine will just be sitting in there loose and I can get it lifted out next weekend.
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